“You have been chosen…”


The year is 2217.

Nuclear war threatens the Three Nations as the Dissenters rise in power, bringing their promise of total destruction to the Alliance borders. At the heart of the Alliance lies the Core, advanced leaders in astral science and galactic discovery. In the midst of chaos the Core has unveiled a pathway through the stars, leading to an Earth-like planet light years away. With the threat of humanity’s end looming closer, this finding has prompted the Three Nations to fund a one way expedition.

12,000 trained professionals – 4,000 from each Nation –  are being sent in stasis across galaxies, following a ship of Droids programmed to begin the construction of outposts on this new planet. When the 12,000 arrive they will begin to settle the new world, expanding humanity’s footprint across the universe, and ensuring the survival of the human race.

They will have no contact from earth.

They will never return.

Their new home – named after this project – will be called